BlackBerry AutoText BackUp

BlackBerry AutoText Backup Applications

One of the most interesting features of the BlackBerry is autotext substitution words or mentioned in OS6 where users can store and send text messages and funny is easy.

Create a user that has been painstakingly collect and store a lot of autotext certainly want to keep from losing the OS backups in case of error or for use in the new Device.

RIM’s BlackBerry Desktop Manager ​​until now still can not backup the autotext in OS6 and OS7.

Now, you can use autotext backup application to backup your collection to a media card autotext and restore back to it easily.

Benefit applications including backup and restore autotext in the device directly, the backup files stored on the media card folder.


Compatible OS
Compatible for  OS6 ( in OS6.0.0.285 there are bugs in this version, so when you want to restore, it can’t) for the others are okay.

Some of OS5 don’t support. Blackberry Device that already tested and no problem : 9700, 9780, 9105, 9800, 9000.

Here is the full version of this app :

AutoText v.0.7


Source : BerryIndo and editted